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Binary Blogger Workout Assessment Circuit Feb 2014

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keep-calm-and-workout-hard-13The gym sessions have reached the workout assessment point. The time to put yourself through a self-paced competition with you against your abilities, strength and endurance. These sets of exercises are ran through with medium to heavy weights for your ability and you have to go through the routine as fast as you can. Your performance is then recorded and tucked away for a month then you re-do it and measure your improvements.

I did something like this last year but those were more cardio and core strength focused, this circuit I did yesterday is a little cardio with more strength. It kicked my butt big time. The table below wasn’t defined but the results of my assessment. The goal is the next time I do this particular circuit I need to beat each one of these by a good margin.

If you aren’t taking measurements how can you judge and rate the effectiveness of your workouts. Even by doing the minimum your body will be able to do a bit more each time you do it. Progress is the greatest motivator…. for anything.

10 minutes Cardio – ArcTrainer Level 6, Resist 15 – Distance 0.56
2 minutes dumbbell squats 40 lb (each hand), 50 reps
2 minutes stability Ball Crunches 60 reps
2 minutes stability ball back extensions 55 reps
2 minutes pushups 40 reps
2 minutes dumbbell groceries 20lb (each hand), 75 reps
2 minutes kettle ball swings 12kg, 45 reps
10 minutes cardio, bike Level 8, 3.12 miles

End of line.

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