May 29, 2022

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No Thank You, Russian Kids Climb Shanghai Tower Barehanded

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anigif_enhanced-buzz-15819-1384375665-27There are very few videos that I physically cringe at, point of view videos of people climbing really high things is one of those. The first video that captured this well was a guy climbing a 1,700 foot antenna to change a lightbulb. Recently there’s a growing set of videos, mainly from Russia, with kids climbing to the tops of very tall structures freestyle, no safety equipment. Generally it looks like they climb on abandoned things like smokestacks, old bridges, tops of buildings, etc… However there’s a new video floating around of two Russian kids in China breaking into the construction zone of the Shanghai Tower, the tallest manmade structure and climbing to the top and beyond. No cables, clips, harnesses, nothing. Only their insane minds and two GoPro cameras stuck to their heads.

If you want to feel vertigo and really, really uncomfortable turn the lights out, watch the video in full HD and full screen. I dare you to not have bad dreams after.

End of line.

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