May 25, 2024

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Wordle, Create Your Own Word Cloud Images

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Word clouds of key thoughts or ideas jammed together in an image to highlight the points of a topic. This is what you see on the left. I never paid much attention to how things like that are created, I assumed it was a marketing gimmick that graphic artists did but then I stumbled across Wordle. Now you can make your own word clouds and use them wherever you want.

When you get on the Wordle site you will see two options in the creation. Put in a bunch of keywords yourself or the more flexible way it you can put in an RSS feed link and it will generate one for you. The Binary Blogger image you see on in this post I created off my own RSS Feed –

If you want to spice up a presentation, make a quirky cloud for fun or get serious and build something more meaningful you can with Wordle. I did find one setback with it however. The generator is a Java app and according to the FAQs the new Java versions cannot copy the images to the clipboard. Why it does not have a save to desktop feature I am not sure. So even though the site allows you to use the images in any way you want you either have to save it to their gallery or use a screen capture to get the image. I used SnagIt to get this one.

Other than that little hiccup it’s a neat site to tuck away and use from time to time.


End of Line.

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