May 27, 2024

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Difference Between Successful And Unsuccessful People

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Yes, success!

Success, what is it? How can you be successful? What are the differences between successful and unsuccessful people? This is the challenge all of us face daily whether it is at home or in the office. We are all striving to succeed at the task at hand. But what it is and how are some people perceived to be more successful than others?

You can go to the bookstore and read every book you can get your hands on about success, achievement, winning, etc… and never do it. I think the primary reason is one’s attitude. You can know all the right things to do but if your attitude is out of whack, you will not be able to open a bag of chips without problems. This is the key to success. Like poker, check your emotions at the door. Don’t go through the motions, visualize the accomplishment and free your mind.

I read lots of business management books, website and blogs. I use Pocket and Evernote religiously to collect articles and snippets for later study. One day as I was re-reading them I noticed a pattern in lists that broke down successful people and unsuccessful people. Attitude. All of the positive and negative aspects of each were wrapped around how a person’s attitude toward a situation was.

Think and act positively and you will do positive things. Be a crab and fail.

I took those lists, tweaked them a bit and put them in this table below for you to print off and stick on the side of your monitor, tack it on your cube wall, put it into a presentation or whatever you want to do with it.

Successful People Unsuccessful People
Compliment Criticize
Have a sense of gratitude Have a sense of entitlement
Forgive Others Hold a grudge
Give other people credit for their victories Take all the credit for their victories
Accept responsibility for their failures Blame others for their failures
Read everyday Watch TV everyday
Keep a journal Say they keep a journal but really don’t
Embrace change Fear change
Want others to succeed Think they know it all
Share information and data Keep knowledge to themselves
Keep a to-do list Fly by the seat of their pants
Set goals and develop life plans Operate from a transactional perspective
Exude joy Think happy people are delusional
Continuously learn Only know what is needed to know
Work with people Talk about people
Strive for all to succeed Secretly hope others fail
Know where they are going Don’t know what they want to be

Everyone has a capability in them to accomplish whatever they put their mind to. The ones that shake off the negativity are the only ones that can actually do it.

End of Line.

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