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Week In Review – April 11, 2014

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Weekly-ReviewWeek in review, April 11, 2014. What a week of news for the Internet. I cannot have a review post without mentioning Heartbleed. The Internet bug in OpenSSL that exposes passwords for all users. Whoops. This one you need to listen to and truly reset your passwords wherever you can but only after the website tells you they have fixed the bug. If you do it before the bug is fixed then your new password is at risk from being exposed too.

Week in review –

  • Heartbleed bug, change your passwords now – Follow this list in this post and change all your passwords where it says the bug has been fixed. Go do it now, when you are finished come back and finish reading the week in review. I will wait…
  • Time Waster: Create and Destroy Your Own Solar System – A very smart college kid created a web-based simulator to try to get you to create a solar system that lasts 500 years. THe bigger the objects, the bigger the gravitational impacts, there is also a habitable zone where you get bonus point for keeping planets in there. Great time waster.
  • Game of Thrones Theme Sung By Goats – The Internet is full of crazy creative folks with lots of time on their hands.

  • Serious Video Gamers Busted By The FBI For Stealing Xbox Stuff – From the mug shots it’s clear these guys aren’t the brightest sandwiches in the knife drawer. The FBI busted these guys from stealing pre-released video games, Microsoft files and even a flight simulator used to train Apache helicopter pilots. I assume they are part of a black market ring and making some dough on the side with this, either way they are going to prison.

Until next week.

End of Line.

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