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Week In Review – April 18, 2014

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Weekly-ReviewAn other week has come and gone and living in Minnesota we were reminded that Spring happens when nature wants it to happen. A few days ago an impressive snowstorm slammed the Twin Cities area with a very impressive dividing line of who got snow and who didn’t. At my house we got a dusting, the grassy areas were scattered with wet slop however friends of mine that live 40 miles north of me got 17+ inches. Nothing to a foot and half of snow in 40 miles is pretty impressive meterologically speaking.

Other than that, depending on what you pay attention to, the news of the week has been pretty subdued. In the IT world everyone is scrambling to plug the Heartbleed bug and the rest of the news has been filled with your standard war, economic doom and gloom, and the rest of the happy-sucking stories that the news reports on. The weekly review that I do are the stories that have some meaning or are jewels that most people would miss throughout their week.

New study shows the United States is not a democracy but an oligarchy – This is very interesting report and when you stand back and really look at what it means to be an oligarchy you will agree that it’s spot on accurate.

Google Glass Is Now Available For All – Google ended their ‘beta’ and is offering the Google Glass to the open market. Now you can drop $1,200 and be a ridiculed and mocked Glasshole.

Robert Downey Jr. Continues To Show Why He Is Nothing But Pure, Concentrated Awesome –

The NSA Says They Didn’t Know About Heartbleed – First, does anyone believe them? Second they should follow-up this statement like this, “Come on, we didn’t know about this bug. We don’t need bugs to access your crap anyway.”

The Simpsons Are Going To Air An All Lego Episode – The creators said that they had the idea long before The Lego Movie, but I am sure the massive success of it motivated them to dust it off and rush it to air. Why wouldn’t they? After being on TV longer than most people living on the planet it’s hard to keep coming up with original content and not re-hash old jokes over and over and over again. FYI – The Simpsons show was over around Season 9 or 10, Doh!

See you next week.

End of Line.


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