April 24, 2024

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Your Public Library May Be More Technical Than You Think

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Library-Ghost-1A few weekends ago I took my young 5-year-old to get his library card at our local public library. Now that he is reading we are making a point to get to the library on a regular basis and have him read a few books a week. Personally I haven’t stepped foot in a public library since college, which was almost 15 years ago. My reading has been internet based or bookstore purchases. However when I was signing the papers to get our cards a little pamphlet stuck out and caught my eye. Zinio, the digital magazine folks. I have seen Zinio before, they have a magazine app for all the devices but I never looked much more into it because frankly the subscription prices were hard to swallow. If I am going to get a subscription I want to feel the paper in my hands and the magazines I have read digitally have turned me away from them.

I pulled out the small cardboard print and right on the top it says ‘The World’s Largest Newsstand Is Now Available At Our Library!’ and at the bottom there was a website. After we found a few books for the week we left and as soon as I got home I checked out the site. What I found amazed me. Using my new library card to access out library’s site they had a large selection of full magazines available to ‘check out’. I downloaded the Zinio app for my iPad, setup an account and linked it with my library’s account (which was very easy). As I browsed when I hit the checkout link they appeared on my iPad for download. Wonderful.

Here’s a list of the magazines that I have read thus far, the total list changes but averages around 150 titles –

  • Apple Magazine
  • Car and Driver
  • Digital Photo Pro
  • Economist
  • ESPN The Magazine
  • Esquire
  • Field & Stream
  • Games
  • Forbes
  • iPhone Life
  • Macworld
  • Men’s Fitness
  • Men’s Health
  • Men’s Journal
  • Newsweek
  • PCWorld
  • Popular Mechanics
  • Popular Science
  • Popular Photography
  • Rolling Stone

Those are just a select few of the biggest magazines available. When you take a look at these and figure out the standard subscription costs it’s an expensive venture. Right under my nose in a tax payer supported resource is a business deal that provides these materials, digitally, mobile at no additional cost to me…besides my taxes I already paid.

Check out your local library and see what they have to offer. In the world of every expanding mobility, physically going to a library to check out something physical is going away. From magazines to e-book checkouts, local library’s are more technologically up to date than you may realize.

End of line.

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