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Week In Review – May 9, 2014

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Weekly-ReviewMay is just about halfway done, summer is right around the corner and it’s another Friday in Binary Blogger’s world. This week has been generally quiet on the news front unless you are an NFL fan wrapped up in the NFL Draft festivities. I missed last week’s weekly review due to overwhelming work activities that occupied all of my mind. I won’t bore you with those details so let’s get into some interesting news from this past week. Week in review.

Apple Rumored To Buy Beats For $3.2 Billion

Dr. Dre is having the last laugh as he is about to become the wealthiest ‘musician’. His Beats by Dre is about to be scooped up by Apple for $3.2 Billion… BILLION. Beats has more than headphones but I assume Apple is tired of making their own crappy headphones and wants to replace them with more trendy crappy headphones. Let’s be honest, Beats headphone’s quality is nowhere near the price they charge. It’s purely an image product not quality and Apple needs a boost. Also Beats just launched their own streaming service to complete with Spotify and Pandora, a service Apple is having a hard time getting off the ground on their own. If you care about sound quality and are willing to spend that amount of money on headphones buy a pair of Bose and be done with it.

Net Neutrality Is a Growing Topic, Senator Al Franken Chimes In

I wrote about the recent FCC Net Neutrality decision a few days ago and it seems that this topic has really gained steam this week (I wish it was because of me but sadly it is not). Minnesota Senator Al Franken, personally not a fan, has come out against the potential destruction of net neutrality and the fundamental structure of the Internet. I 100% agree with him on this issue. Everyone needs to understand what this will mean for the Internet and all of us as consumers. If this scenario gets implemented it will be nearly impossible to get rid of it… ever.

Kobo Takes Over Sony’s E-Reader Business

Sony is officially out of the e-reader business as Canadian based Kobo takes over Sony’s line. I threw this story out there because I was a Sony e-reader user. I bought Sony’s first e-reader which was the first eink reader out at the time, long before Amazon released the Kindle. I upgraded later to Sony’s touchscreen reader which also was the first on the market. Sony had a superior product but Amazon had a superior book store and Sony’s store was awful. I hated it. I eventually went to the Nook because I am a Barnes and Noble fan and now I also own a Kindle Paperwhite reader. I get gift cards from both stores and two readers is just fine in my mind. I have an iPad but I don’t like reading books on it because of the glass. E-ink for me. Kobo is the 3rd option and it’s nice to see them have my old Sony e-book purchases however I will never buy a Kobo reader.

Earthlings Are Not Ready For Alien Encounters Yet 

This is a ‘Duh’ article. Earthlings are bored. We fight, we war, we complain and we as a planet are getting sick of each other. However, as a species we are egocentric, selfish galactically speaking, and at an intellectual level we are not ready. On the flip side any aliens traveling around that would consider stopping on this under-developed rock in space would be ready to meet humans.

Snapchat Got A Full FCC Spanking

I am not a fan of Snapchat for a number of reasons, mainly from the attitudes and immaturity of their leadership/founders. They learned the hard way what happens when you operation with no structure and ignorance. The FCC jumped down their throat and will be there for the next 20 years from Snapchat lying and deceiving their users. It was discovered that Snapchat captured far more information than they claimed they protected. In business when you say one thing and do the exact opposite your customers won’t respond well to that.

Spring Brings Tornado Weather

Here’s a wild video from Tupelo, Mississippi of a tornado going through a playground. The camera is in the middle of the funnel around the 2 minute mark.

End of line.


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