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Week In Review – June 27, 2014

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Weekly-ReviewWhew. Been a while since I did a week in review. That’s what happens when you have a sub-six month old in da house along with a 5 year old. Priorities shift. Now that the Summer routine is settling in, finally, I can start to get back to the regular routine of doing what I love best… on the side… writing.

Week in review!

The World Almost Ended
Did you know that a few days ago the world came to an end across the planet for about 30 minutes? Were you aware that the for some the apocalypse reigned down from the heavens and crushed millions of souls? Yes, it’s true. Facebook had a worldwide outage for almost 30 minutes. I cannot imagine the horror for thousands that could not update photos of their meals, smiling babies, and selfies in the bathroom. Thankfully it was only 30 minutes and not longer. Twitter enjoyed the outage and rush of activity from ‘real’ users, it was a pleasant experience for them if only for a short while.

Cops Need A Warrant For Your Phone
Another story that popped up this week that should make us all feel a little more comfortable is that the Supreme Court ruled that cops need to have a warrant to search your phone if you are arrested. That’s nice isn’t it? It’s reassuring that the Supreme Court has to make a ruling to enforce the 4th Amendment. The contents of your phone should be viewed no different than the contents of your house or car if you are arrested. The police just can’t go start searching though them without cause. Your phone, regardless of size or the fact that it’s on your person, should be viewed no different. Most of the time the warrant will be issued to search the phone, different issue, but at least it’s a legal process to follow.

Minnesota Timberwolves Draft Choice Not So Pumped
A story from Minnesota, my home state, and my personally most despised sports franchise the Minnesota Timberwolves made the news. Not for winning, that’s silly talk, but from the NBA draft. The Timberwolves selected a 19 year old child, immature athletic phenom and his expression and what you read on his lips when the draft pick is announced is priceless. When he stands up watch his mouth closely, you can lip read his excitement for getting picked by the Timberwolves. 0:15 seconds is the magic start time.

Short and sweet this week.

End of Line.

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