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The Every Simpsons Ever Marathon Hooked Me

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simpsonsOn FXX is a marathon that’s showing every Simpsons ever. All 552 of them back to back… to back. Beginning on Aug. 21 it will take 12 days to complete. When I started hearing about this and then seeing the commercials for it I was mixed. I watched the Simpsons religiously when it first came out until about Season 10 or 12 and I fell away from it. Other shows and life priorities took over and I never really got back into it or had the ‘I must record every epsiode’ mentality any more. Occasionally I will watch a new episode here and there, but the obvious political overtones took over and away from the core humor that I used to love.

The marathon began and I have found myself having DirecTV channel 259 on almost all the time now when we are home. I may not be sitting watching every episode, most of the time, but when I see a classic that I remember fully and loved I will watch it, then another and another. It doesn’t help that my 6-year-old is sitting right beside me and laughing just as hard at Homer’s stupidity or Bart’s bad behavior. It’s fantastic.

Who knew after 20+ years I still remember an episode clear as day. My favorite quotes, scenes, jokes all still hold water and I am enjoying them again. Yes, I owned many of the box sets but in the hectic life setting time aside to binge a DVD of episodes isn’t something I have the time for any more. I used to but kids change some things in your life.

If you have ever been a fan of The Simpsons you need to check out FXX’s marathon and get re-hooked. Here’s a guide to when each episode will air.

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