May 22, 2024

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With All These Nude Digital Leaks, Where’s Polaroid?

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prd2500-polaroid-red-stripe-camera-kit-by-impossibleHacked phones, online storage, apps are a regular occurrence now. Most of it is not true hacking of the systems that store the nude photos but bad password management by the users, regardless. In the era of a camera on pretty much everything it’s far too easy to snap photos at every event. No matter how intimate. So what? People have been doing that since the dawn of the camera. Photographs are what are taken to be able to look back and remember those moments. When you have an A list celebrity in your room, naked, allowing you to take a photograph you do. Human nature. However, with great digital social networks come great digital responsibility and we are seeing time and time again celebrities and most people don’t have that. They don’t get the common sense training. The again it wouldn’t be called common sense if it were trained.

I got to thinking about it. Not the nude photos, the leaks of them. (moving on…) My view was slightly different and more directed to profit and a business model. Photographs. Let’s take a step back to the simplistic. There is a place for film and in the instant world we live in Polaroid has a place. Where are they? You can still buy old refurbished models but I want them to break back into the mix and merge old film with current trends. It can be done if done and marketed properly.

Here’s my idea for a Polaroid camera –

The classic Polaroid camera is big and bulky. That’s because it’s using big and bulky technology. Build a new Polaroid with small LED flash, tiny Carl-Zeiss lens and a digital display the one big exception is that it has the old-school Polaroid film pack on it.

Here’s how it would work. Building the camera my way you would get best of both worlds. On the camera you have a robust, expandable camera software package very similar to Hipstamatic, that has a classic mode and filters that you can buy and expand, mix and match. The photos are stored and processed locally on the camera and you can decide to print them off or delete them. No sharing, no transferring, no digital copies. The onboard storage is encrypted and a small PIN would be required to turn the camera on. This is a camera for film enthusiasts or a new market of budding photographers that has never experienced film before. This is not going to replace your digital camera or your phone camera. This camera is specifically for the purpose of taking photographs and get a print now when you want, not on a whim. No more breaches, no more leaks, no more embarrassment at the hands of hackers that discovered your poor password composition. If you want to share your photo with more people, print two copies, but you need the camera to do it.

When you want to have a private yet artistic moment, break out the Polaroid Personal. (I made up the name)

I would buy one.

End of line.

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