July 20, 2024

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Heading To CA World 2014

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Binary BloggerI have been holding back on writing posts for the blog as I have been researching and getting ready for the CA World 2014 conference next week. I have been to many technology conferences but everyone I have attended int he past I went as a customer or member of the main conference sponsor. Next week my presence at CA World will be as a speaker first and customer/technologist second. I did a small presentation at the last CA World in 2013 and have spoken at other conferences before but this one I am a little apprehensive about. Now that social media is everywhere there are more social media outlets for my sessions so what I do out there won’t be confined to the conference after the fact.

Either way it’s a great experience and I will be surrounded by some of the smarted security and technology minds in the industry. It doesn’t hurt that the conference is in Las Vegas again this year and being from Minnesota with winter coming early again this year I will be in warmer weather while Minnesota deals with highs in the upper 20s next week. A former colleague will be out there as well and like me he is a photographer hobbyist. We will bring our gear out there and walk the strip and see what shots we can get so that will something to share when I return.

For the conference, like the rest of the industry, will more security focused. I will be speaking on cloud services in the area of identity management and I will also be on a discussion panel where we will talk about Security Vs. Privacy. My area of focus on that will be the healthcare industry point of view, HIPAA, HITECH, PHI, etc…

As I am out there I will be heavy on my Instagram account, Twitter and I will be doing a Storify and Storehouse compilation a few different times. That will be always be fun. Stay tuned.

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