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Back From CA World 2014

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lbgyGmxc_400x400I am back home from this year’s CA World 2014. I met several great, smart, friendly people from across the globe and the interesting common factor with them all is they had the same technology and business problems. It didn’t matter if they were in Texas or South Africa, the problems are the same, the threats we are all facing don’t discriminate based on location and everyone was at CA World to find a path to solutions.

My participation at CA World was not primarily as a customer but as a contributor and presenter for the conference. This marks my 3rd year speaking at this conference but this year was more involved than prior years. I was part of a panel discussing Security Vs. Privacy, I delivered a solo presentation on moving from an on premise Identity Management system to CA’s Secure Cloud and gave a one on one interview on technology and challenges that I face as a Information Security leader and how I approach solving them. Once all the materials are released I will link to them here.

This year’s conference had more bleeding edge technology companies there showing off their technologies. I did have a chance to experience the Oculus Rift. The demo they had setup was a Game Of Thrones scenario where you ride up to the top of the wall. If you are a Game of Thrones fan you will know what the wall is, for those that are not let me give you a quick summary. The wall is 700ft. tall and separates the ‘civilized; world from very, very bad things in the north. If you want more spoilers, watch he show or read the books.

For the demo they put you into a cage to simulate the elevator that takes you up to the top but I cannot begin to describe the sensation of walking to the pure edge of the wall and looking north. You feel 700ft up, you feel the advancing wildling army coming out of the northern forests attacking the wall. To seal the deal the graphics for the demo were done by the special effects crew that do them for the show. If you are in any position to experience an Oculus Rift, do it. This is the best virtual reality experience out there.

Now I am back to the grind, taking the tips and tricks I picked up and look to integrate them into my Security department and policies. It was a good time, I learned some new things, made some new contacts and reconnected with former colleagues and associates I haven’t seen in years. Overall CA World 2014 was valuable.

Because I am a geek and had a new iPhone 6, here’s time lapse of taking off from Las Vegas. Yes, I know it’s portrait and not landscape… I had to wedge the phone between the shade and the window to hold it steady and having the phone sideways wouldn’t work.

I am working on creating a larger Storify post on the end to end trip. Cool stuff, stay tuned.

End of line.

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