July 24, 2024

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Binary Blogger Evolution For 2015

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Time To Review
Time To Review

As Binary Blogger begins to expand in 2015 to a more blogging atmosphere the aspect that I have held back from is more Op-Ed posts. That will slowly change. My goal was to be more about the person Binary Blogger rather than a news aggregator. A reason to spend time to read something is the feeling behind and personality behind it. In 2014 I was figuring out what works and what didn’t as far as traffic hits to figure out where to expand int he future. The posts that were originals got the most hits even though that were the lowest in number. I write this blog for myself but since I post it on the Internet I do it for you as well. If you read it great, if you don’t but see it great too.

The new year is a good point to update the current. I don’t want to stay start fresh because you never can, you can only alter the existing and take it in a new direction and that’s what I am going to do. The course won’t be that different just a stronger focus on insights from the person rather than on what that person found around the Internet.

It’s all good and hopefully getting better… including a blog theme update. Subscribe and stay tuned.

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