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2014 Prediction Recap

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gypsy-fortune-tellerThe year is coming to a close, 2014 is ending and 2015 is around the corner. That means it’s time to review my predictions and see how I did. Each year around this time I throw out my own predictions on what the year will bring in the realm of technology and business, I do it for fun and to see how in tune I am to the pulse of things. Last year’s post can be read in full here. I am still working on my 2015 predictions but I will get that post out soon.

Here’s a summary of my 2014 predictions and how I thought I did (Red: FAIL, Green: WIN) –

  1. Encrypt Everything – I am going call this a FAIL. Even though Google is pushing to get encryption into all aspects of communication it’s not hit mainstream users yet. The TrueCrypt fiasco also set the home user capability back a few steps. I still believe this will hit the public’s eye at some point in the future, but with the government and police enforcement agencies whining about the new encryption on the iPhone 6, it will be a tough politically charged road.
  2. Location Based Data Loss Prevention – Another on that I am going to call a FAIL. Data Loss Prevention is gaining ground in the business world, regulators and auditors are looking closer at DLP capabilities within businesses but the crossover of mobility and location based DLP hasn’t happened yet. In order to do it, base your access on not just a user’s authority but a user’s location, has a huge benefit in protection of company data but the technology isn’t widespread yet to implement. Mobile Device Management (MDM) is difficult enough without adding in access control based on location in to it.
  3. HP Gets A New CEO – HP was having a rough time when I made this prediction, all the signs were pointing to Meg getting shuffled out. But HP did some drastic moves, refocused on the server market and shed the laptops and Meg is still around.
  4. Biometrics Expand – This is too I am calling a FAIL. Although the iPhone 6 with the finger ID has exploded in the market it’s not because of the finger ID security but of market share of the iPhone 6. Over the last year I have done more and more research on expanding authorization methods beyond passwords and I am becoming  a believer that biometric is not a viable solution. If the system that contains the data to identify a biometric match is compromised, you as a biologic have no way to change out the ‘key’ that is your biometric device. You have one finger (well 10), one retina scan, one face to recognized. If that’s breached the keys are useless and impossible to change. 
  5. Amazon Releases A Media Device – Big WIN. Amazon released the Fire TV to compete with AppleTV, Google Chromecast and Roku.
  6. Facebook Gets Exposed – Facebook was not exposed as sharing data to agencies behind the scenes. Users, a majority who don’t lock their profiles down, post enough information freely and publicly view-able there is no need to get the data behind closed doors.
  7. Microsoft Focuses On The Software Again – With Steve Ballmer out, the new CEO is slowly getting Microsoft back to what it does best – software. Windows 8 was a flop, Windows 10 is looking to get them back on track by fixing all the crap wrong in Windows 8. Although they are pushing hard for the Surface tablets, all the signs are showing they are not going to continue with devices. They may but sticking with Enterprise software is their best course.
  8. Apple Takes On The Enterprise The one area Apple ignored for years was the corporate environment. I predicted it and this summer Apple took the steps to change that. Apple and IBM announced a partnership in July to focus on enterprise mobility and recently IBM released their first applications for business on iOS.
  9. The Monopoly Of The Cable Companies Begin To Crumble – Yes. Big WIN. Comcast is trying to buy Time Warner and facing major pushback, DirecTV and Dish are losing subscribers and the traditional Friday night lineup on channel 4 is over. Netflix, HBO, Hulu and more coming everyday with the mobile streaming devices have changed TV entertainment and everyone is scrambling to catch up. Netflix is releasing original, self-produced content outside 50 years of ‘tradition’ and the consumers are winning, cable companies are losing and soon we will finally have TV à la carte.
  10. The US Postal Service Shifts To Deliver As A Service – I guess as long as the Postal Service is under the financial backing of the government budgets they will continue to operate as inefficiently as it can. 

My predictions were too broad I think. Larger ambitions that would take far too much to accomplish in a year’s time. 2015 I will get more tactical, less lofty but I still hit on a couple. Unlike other tech blogs I go back to rate my predictions rather than post and forget.

End of Line.

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