May 29, 2024

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Binary Review: Duet Display For Mac And iOS

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Duet Display

I switched from a 20+ year Windows home to Macs about 3 years ago and never looked back. However, the one aspect I never invested in was in one component that I don’t live without in my professional Windows world. A second monitor. Dual displays. On my iMac, even though it has a fantastic multiple desktop configuration that I use heavily, I miss having a second 21″ monitor by my side to display the research and notes. One to work the other to read. I haven’t invested in the second Mac monitor for two reasons, price and desktop real estate, I don’t have the room. Until now. A bunch of ex-Apple engineers expanded Apple’s own technology and pushed your OS X Mac and iOS Apple devices to the max. Enter Duet Display.

Duet Display allows your Mac to extend the full OS X desktop to your iPad or iPhone and  turn them into an extended monitor. Through the lightning connector the Duet Display app on the iOS and OS X delivers 60fps retina display and allows for other resolution options. During my test I cranked my iPad Mini up to the max resolution, max power and full retina. I loaded HBO Go and streamed Band of Brothers. There was zero lag, as advertised, crystal clear HD performance and it looked phenomenal. Extending my tests I loaded every app on the iPad extended monitor and even though it was running and displaying the OS X instance from the Mac you are still able to use the touch screen capability of the iOS device and interact with OS X.

I stepped away from my Mac and came back to see that Duet Display even takes care of a full 3D engine screensavers just fine as well. It truly is a Mac OS X monitor.

Duet Display is free to download for Mac OSX but the iOS has a cost. At the time I wrote this I picked it up off the App Store for $7.99. It’s worth every penny and it’s a one time purchase for all your iOS devices.

If you have a Mac running 10.9+ and an iOS running 7+ you can get an $8 dual monitor for the Mac you already own.

I would highly recommend it.

Duet Display website.

Duet Display App Store link.

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