December 3, 2021

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Must Watch – Ocean’s 11 and Star Wars Mashup

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movies-2The Internet has provided an avenue for millions of talented individuals a platform to share their talents. One of the first random artists that achieved ‘viral’ status before the term ‘viral video’ was a glimmer in someone’s eye made a video true Internet gurus’ love. That person was Kevin Rubio and he made a fan film mashing Star Wars and COPS from the point of view of the Stormtroopers on Tatooine. Brilliant. You can see the first Internet greatness below.

Now Mr. Rubio is back and his love of Star Wars has influenced him to bless the Internet with another jewel, worth to spend a few minutes to enjoy. This time around he took the modern Ocean’s 11, the George Clooney one, and mashed it up with Return of the Jedi. Unlike Troops were it was an acted production, this is an audio overlay and it works very, very well. Enjoy.

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