April 12, 2024

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You Won’t Be Able to Disable (or Delay) Windows Updates on Windows 10 Home

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Microsoft is taking the first steps of putting security and performance first. Windows 10 Home edition is positioned by Microsoft to be “always-up-to-date” and they have ensured it will be. In Windows 10 Home edition there is NO way to turn off or delay Windows Updates. That means that all home PCs will be patched and updated to the latest versions almost immediately.

This is a very good move for the world’s leading operating system. Malware, viruses and attacks use vulnerabilities and holes to move around, spread and steal data. Microsoft is going to slow that progression down a great deal by forcing updates, period.

Time and time again it’s shown that users/owners of technology, the majority of them, have no idea how to maintain them or understand why it’s important to update their systems. They assume everything is fine because all they do is browse the internet and email. Until their computer is infected and they lose everything because like not staying current with patches the users also do not backup their precious files.

Microsoft says this feature of “always-up-to-date” is being tested on consumer devices first but offering it on business devices will come quickly so after. For larger organizations that have an internal patch management system, like Microsoft System Center (SCCM), the best practice is to be on top of patches. For smaller organizations that do not have a central management system and have individual machines they need something like this.

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