June 12, 2024

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Everyday 30 Day Exercise Challenge – Day 5

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Health-workoutFive days in and it’s starting to feel ‘regular’. I am looking forward to doing my challenge because I am seeing and feeling progress. The sense of accomplishment of completing these through the pain is the rush you strive for when exercising. This challenge also reminded me how much I hate ab crunches and planking. I have found my weakest part of my body, my abdominal core. Arms, legs, back no problem. The midsection is on fire.

The important part to this exercise challenge or any exercise is that your body is recovering properly. If you wake up the next day and hurt to walk across the bedroom then you are doing something wrong. Too much too soon, not stretching properly or something else is going on. You should feel worked out but not strained the next day. It’s better to exercise in smaller doses regularly than one huge blowout with large gaps in-between.

I am spending a little over 30 minutes a day with these exercises and doing them in my home. I have a treadmill but I use it when it’s raining and for warm ups. You can accomplish the same warmup by doing high knees running in place, jumping jacks and several other warming exercises to get going. Other than that I have no special equipment other than off the shelf weights you can buy at Walmart. There’s nothing special about this, it’s using your own body and taking away all excuses not to start.

Day 5


End of line.

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