May 29, 2024

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Everyday 30 Day Exercise Challenge – Day 6

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fitness-quote-inspiration1Day six and stepping it up a notch on all levels. I am shortening my rest periods between sections as well to keep things flowing and keep the rate up. Abs still are the worst. the sit ups are not back but the varying crunches, if done properly, are very difficult when you have not worked on the core in a long time. Burn! I hit the treadmill fast out of the gate which is something I don’t normally do. Usually I do a 4 mph walk for about a tenth of a mile then run the rest, not today, I started with a good 5.8 mph run for 1 minute, then up to 6.2 mph for 3 minutes. After that I went to 6.4 for a couple minutes then 1 minute bursts increasing until I finished hard at 8.4 mph full run. I find if I section it as 1 minute runs for 10 sets the run goes by very fast and my mind is not focusing on how much time is left overall but how much until the next increase or break at the minute marks.

Other than planking it was a full exercise load today.

Day 6


End of line.

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