June 17, 2024

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Everyday 30 Day Exercise Challenge – Day 7

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images-4I woke up in the groove today. Just felt refreshed and good to go. The morning was perfect, temps in the low 60s, sun shining bright, low wind, humidity was tolerable and I couldn’t let it go to waste. I dropped the kids off at instead of doing my morning coffee and email digest purge I hit the bike. Glad I did, there were very little cars on the road, less people on the trails and those that were out had the same plan as me, exercise this morning away.

In the area I live in there are many, many hills. More hills than flat straight aways and where my house is, no matter which direction you go, you have to go up hill at some point to leave the area and uphill to come back. Up, down, up, down. You can see in the elevation chart from my ride I start out going down then up to get out and up to get back. These aren’t long, slow climbs, these hills are short and steep. Feel the burn.


Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 9.56.05 AM

After I got home I knew at some point I had my challenge sets waiting for me. Instead of risking my edge and energy by putting it off until the afternoon I went right into the sets a few minutes after getting home. Kept the adrenaline high going and blasted through it. I figured I had done enough cardio warm up this morning so I didn’t do the 10 minute treadmill to start out. I don’t think I will suffer from skipping it, I’ll call it my rest day for running.

Day 7


End of line.

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