June 13, 2024

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Everyday 30 Day Exercise Challenge – Day 9

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80-Percent-of-Success-is-Showing-Up-Fitness-QuotesToday was tough. Really tough. I knew it would be. Last night I attended the Kenny Chesney concert at Target Field and it was amazing. Things kicked off at 5pm and they didn’t wrap up until after 11pm. A whole set of performers and Kenny played for over 2 hours alone. It was one of the best concerts I have been too. That being said I did have fun and slept hard. I could have used a day’s rest from exercise but that would start a chain reaction of excuses to take breaks. I committed 30 days, end to end. When I go on my week-long fishing trip in a few weeks is when things will get interesting. I don’t require that much equipment but doing these workouts but in a cabin with 12 other people around will be interesting. I may have to extend it to the 37 day challenge and maintain the status quo on sets then hit the last few days super hard but I will get these in everyday somehow.

I had to reboot my treadmill so while I waited I did my curls first before my run. At this point in the challenge I have grown to despise burpees at these ridiculous alternative crunches.

Day 9


End of line.

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