December 4, 2021

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Everyday 30 Day Exercise Challenge – Day 15

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hqdefaultLast night and this morning my hip started to aggravate me. The pain is in the joint so this exercise day I pulled it back a little bit and called the squats and burpees rest days to see if that was causing it. Now that I am over 100 squat type exercises in a short period I may have tweaked something. It’s not a stretched out feeling but lingering sharp pain when I walk but it didn’t bother me when I ran. So I will rest it today.

Looking ahead to my plan I have a rest day on the back exercises and I plan to get a long 40+ mile bike ride in. I may even travel up to a trail I know of that’s 60 miles down and back. The weather will be hot and high humidity so I will have to load up on water and carry a few extra bottles with me. More weight.

Day 15


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