July 24, 2024

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Everyday 30 Day Exercise Challenge – Day 16/17

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giphy-facebook_s.jpgOuch. That’s what I say now. I did something wrong over the weekend during my sets that is causing my great pain. I mentioned before pains in my knees and hip. I didn’t stretch enough and pushed too hard, didn’t listen to my body and got my self a hip flexor strain. I have a desk job and after sitting for a while when I stand up I can barely walk right away from the tendon pains in my one hip. I have to stretch it out to get mobile, first thing in the morning it very rough. All you can do it stretch it out, work it back to full strength and stay off it for a while.

I did skip my sets on Sunday, Day 16, and put in a 28 mile ride with taking on the biggest and longest hills around here, 1,167 ft of elevation gained, and I couldn’t walk when I got home. 28 miles is a good ride but nothing that will wear you out all day, but my hip got so tight. So for the short term I will remove any leg exercises from my sets and focus on arms and abs and keep going on those. I am not quitting the challenge I just have to refocus the efforts.

Going to take one more day off then get back to it.

End of line.


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