June 17, 2024

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Blog Update – Rough Patch

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Binary BloggerWhat a month! My posting has been slacking as of late and it’s not because of lack of interest. A major shakeup in Binary Blogger’s career took place, not in a good way. The company I worked for up and went bankrupt, sent me on my way with 1,200 others and shut the doors. Poof, all done. It doesn’t seem to be that big but when you consider the 5 million patients that touched the services that suddenly ended it becomes a bigger deal. I hope people didn’t suffer from the abrupt, unplanned Titanic sinking.

So being without a job I was sent scrambling using the network to find something new. With no severance that motivated the efforts hence this blog took a back seat. Luckily I did find a new position quickly that is a great opportunity with broad futures and in an organization that knows how to run a company and is in zero danger of reduction anytime soon. Once I got that lined up I still went on a week long, much needed, family vacation. Fishing, swimming, tubing, fishing and eating.

I’m back, getting back into a new routine and with my new position I am venturing deeper into areas of security architecture on an enterprise level. New topics to discuss, forums to follow, people to meet. Knowledge is power.

End of line.

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