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Giving The 2015 Soap Factory Haunted Basement Another Chance

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It’s that time of year again, autumn, and in Minnesota it’s another season of haunted hay rides and haunted houses. The one that sticks out is one that I have done the past two years. The Haunted Basement at The Soap Factory. This year the group just made our reservations for late October to attend it again, despite last year’s performance. You can read about my thoughts on the 2014 Haunted Basement here. You can also see my first time review.

The group I go with consists of about 10 of us. I am the newest edition having only done two, the rest have been doing this 6 or 7 years but after last year we almost stopped altogether, it was that bad as in not scary or interesting. After reading the Soap Factory website on this year’s setup we chose to give it another shot.

Warming up at Tuggs Tavern before hand adds a little more fuel to the mental game in the basement too. 😉

2015’s Haunted Basement returns to its roots with two twisted pathways leading to artist created environments built throughout the entire 13,000 square feet of The Soap Factory’s basement. But the nightmare starts before you even get there, as you are forced to wait in line through a maze of visual horror above the basement. Once its your turn, you’ll separated into small groups and fed into the depths a handful at a time where you will then be given a choice: follow the signs to take the “easier” path or be brave and take the path filled with more horror and more torment than ever before.

Once a path is chosen, there’s no turning back. But beware; we may decide to switch the signs at any time.

This sounds more like the first time I went. The part that made it more uncomfortable is the familiar people I came there with were split up and I was put into groups with strangers and vice versa. I also remember it taking close to 45 minutes to get out once you went down there.

Hopefully The Soap Factory reads the social networks and learned from last year’s reviews and made a Haunted Basement as it should be, especially in a building with a history of actual paranormal activity.

End of Line.

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