July 12, 2024

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Fear The Walking Dead Thoughts So Far

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fear-850x560AMC premiered a spin-off of one of the best shows on TV right now, The Walking Dead, in an attempt to continue the ratings juggernaut with a prequel called Fear The Walking Dead. This series takes place in the same universe as The Walking Dead but takes place just before and during the initial zombie outbreak and centered in Los Angeles, The Walking Dead is focused in Georgia/SE U.S.

I watched the premiere episode expecting the same quality as The Walking Dead and as a stand alone series Fear The Walking Dead could have been, but in comparison to The Walking Dead I am concerned if it will last. The show looks amazing, great visuals, the photography and visuals are fantastic, good music and sets the tone well. The problem I have is in the core story. The zombies. I will try to be spoiler free in the details as much as I can when it comes to The Walking Dead but some big plot developments will be referenced.

In The Walking Dead over five seasons you know a lot about the zombie outbreak. You know where it is, how people turn, how to stop them and know that the government response failed miserably. Fear The Walking Dead takes us to the beginning and tries to create the same suspense as the early episodes of The Walking Dead. The problem is we know how it turns out and how people that have no idea how to deal with the zombies react. Been there done that.

Fear The Walking Dead has a big hill to climb for a couple reasons. First the compressed timeline. The show starts when the zombies start popping up. If you want to keep the two shows separate The Walking Dead started with Rick waking up in a hospital when the zombies start to take over. Do you keep the prequel all before that moment or do you cross over timelines and go into a time frame we already saw, just in a different part of the country.

Second problem is the suspense of ‘what is going on???’ moments are harder to create as we know what’s going on.

Third big problem is showing us something new. The only two plot points I can see being the big driver to keep me interested is going into the government response and why it failed so bad and going into the trigger to the zombie outbreak. What is the cause of the turn? You can do that without ruining The Walking Dead.

Short of a more global view of the world I don’t know if Fear The Walking Dead can keep me hooked to another, new group of survivors fighting the outbreak. Even with different challenges it would be the same show. I hope they keep it fresh and explore areas The Walking Dead did and does not plan to.

I will give it a full season and stay with it.

If I can choke through the awful True Detective Season 2 I can watch this.

My two cents.

End of line.

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