June 17, 2024

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Google Project Soli Will Change How We Interact With Everything

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Google-Project-SoliGoogle from the outside is looked at by the majority as a search engine. The one simple page everyone goes to with a search box to find websites. Like any leading technology company Google experiments and expands their offerings into new areas such as the Android OS, Google+, the defunct Google Wave, Google StreetView for maps, etc… Some ideas work others do not. You will never know if something will work unless you try, Google tries many things, most never reach the public’s eye. In fact, I believe this is still true, that if you work at Google they expect that unto 25% of your time be spent on ‘pet projects’ or playing around with something new. Google embraces creativity from everyone and Project Soli, which was created in Google’s Advanced Technology and Purchasing Group, is one of the most innovative and impressive projects I have seen any company come out with. This technology can and will change how we interface with all of our technology around us. Not just our phones and wearables but our home stereos, cars, appliances, TVs, really anything with a user interface could be turned upside down.

maxresdefaultGoogle’s Project Soli has come up with a radar based sensor that can record motions up to 10,000 frames per second, recording the smallest of movements of your fingers, that can be used as an interface with a device. This means that a device could have no buttons at all but instead be fully controlled by your hand and without you ever needed to touch the device. Think about how that could change everything. Watch the full video below to get all the details, it will explain it far better than I can.

This is game changing technology geeks dream about. The concept is so simple and using radar technology that has been around since the 1940s, albeit in a far more sensitive and compact mode. Project Soli takes a basic human action, using our hands, and integrating technology to embrace the human form rather than provide interfaces for us to adapt to. I can see this technology being used in public spaces for kiosks, improving sanitation as no one will have to touch anything. There will be better devices as they could be made with no moving parts that can break, get dirty, wear down, get stuck, etc…  Look at the new 3D touch screen in the iPhone 6s, with a Soli chip you could do the same thing but without needing to touch the glass. The radar will detect the 3D spacial movents from your hands rather than pressures on the screen.

Technology like this has been around in some forms but Project Soli is the most accurate and aggressively pursued attempt thus far. And you thought Google just showed you cat video websites.

google-project-soli-001End of line.

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