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Spotify Year In Music Reviews Your Listening Habits

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spotify-genericI am a huge Spotify fan and have been a premium subscriber for almost three years now. I have written about my move to Spotify before and my attitude has not changed. Even with the shift of artists complaining about Spotify’s business model my position is that where there’s a lack of Coldplay and Adele this week I will find 20 other artists that are better but not in ‘mainstream’. I use Spotify to diversify my music experiences not to listen to the same Top 40 junk I can hear all day long on terrestrial radio. The other major benefit Spotify provides is custom playlists, sharing playlists and now Spotify creating dynamic playlists based off your own listening habits.

This year Spotify released a feature that reports on your listening habits throughout the year. There’s nothing groundbreaking about it but it’s very interesting on all the data points Spotify tracks on their users. I assume most of the information is used to pay the artists and record companies whenever the songs are played but in the new world of Big Data they have a growing psychological profile database on everyone that uses them. That’s a different post for another time.

To access the Year In Review simply goto –

Here’s a run down of some of my highlights for my 2015 Spotify.


I have Spotify on almost everyday wherever I am, in the car, when I work out, working in the garage, mowing the lawn, when we cook and have dinner it’s on in the background. I do listen to lots of Chesney and the top track Happy is because that’s my goto workout song when I run. You may chuckle but turn on Happy and then run with your foot hitting the ground on each beat.


Ironically in 2015 I listened to 2,015 unique artists.

Spotify_yim_en-US_mp7bLpLots of songs.

Spotify_yim_en-US_hbiZfHThe top artists aren’t much of a surprise either except for Depeche Mode, I didn’t think they were in the top rounds but I do have their entire discography across multiple playlists.

Spotify_yim_en-US_HpskzAThe top tracks are all from my running playlist which I listen to multiple times a week. If you play those songs they are about 160bpm pace so when you run and stick to the beat of the song, like a metronome, you stay steady and get a good cardio workout.


Country and Rock with a dash of techno. That’s pretty much right on.

End of line.

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