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Binary Blogger’s 2016 Tech Predictions

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monkeyA new year is around the corner and it’s time to make my tech predictions for 2016. I have written my predictions for the last several years now and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. It keeps my mind fresh and in the info security business if you stop learning you stop working. You can hop over here and see how I did with 2015 and the one rule I have is that I will not use the same prediction year over year, I see that as cheating because eventually the technology will be created. Somethings are only a matter of time. The trick is to feel the industry and see if this is the year it moves forward.

Binary Blogger’s 10 tech predictions for 2016:

  • IBM will take the cloud head on and stay in the rear – IBM, Big Blue, is a massive company and the powerhouse when it comes to the technology industry. However, they have lagged behind and their size exposed the inability to adapt and change quickly. Google, Amazon, Microsoft is eating their lunch when it comes to cloud services. IBM Cloud exists but when you talk cloud services do you ever hear IBM in the discussion? The SoftLayer acquisition could be a good move to bring IBM as a serious contender but they are going to have to figure out how to get their adaptability sped up and change their message that they are a service for everyone not just Fortune 100 ELA agreements.
  • Cloud Services Will Offer Full Data Center Configurations Al-A-Carte – Cloud services today are mostly server focused. The infrastructure implemented is generally for a single purpose like an application, directory, backups, email, etc… Where the Cloud revolution will go next is offering 100% datacenter configurations. Allowing companies to offload the entire IT infrastructure. No just servers but including firewalls, application and infrastructure monitoring (specific to your servers only), security, everything.
  • Anti-Encryption Laws Will Begin – I don’t see this happening in the United States because of the elections but the UK won’t let us down. They will begin to talk about and maybe putting forward anti-encryption laws. They won’t be able to prevent encryption but the laws will be targeted to making it felonies to not hand over the encryption keys upon request. Governments like their secrets but hate yours.
  • The Silicon Valley Exodus – Water shortages, outrageous home prices and rent, California laws, global expansion will trigger a mass exodus of tech workers out of California and eventually companies will pack up and leave town. Seattle, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Colorado I see as the new homes for tech companies. States will begin to compete for these companies new campuses through tax breaks and cheap land. Apple may suffer the most, their name will get workers to come in for a short time to get the experience but overall I think Apple will struggle to keep their new UFO HQ building staffed regularly… because people outside California will not want to move there.
  • Virtual Reality Will Flood Our Lives And Fizzle Away – Virtual Reality is very impressive… as an attraction at a conference or fair. At the consumer level it will be a fad much like 3D TVs. Remember them? 3D entertainment was the next big thing and died quickly. Home VR use will be the same thing. Video games may be the best market for VR, most of the VR companies out there built their devices with games in mind. Trying to shift it to videos, movies, TV is sensory overload. I couldn’t see myself or anyone able to wear a 360 VR headset every day for entertainment purposes. I am only speaking about the mainstream consumer market, Facebook buying Oculus as an example, there are many industrial uses for VR in medical, manufacturing, etc… but as a home device it will be on the pile with your 3D TV in two years.
  • Apple Will Not Release A New Product In 2016 – Apple is going to plateau with their innovation. We are at the tail end of Steve Job’s visions, he had plans for directions years ahead of his time and by now his idea journal is reaching its end. Apple will improve existing lines, faster Apple Watch and iPads, iPhone 7 with some new tech advancements with he screens and camera probably, slimmer MacBooks, and so on. AppleTV is hindered by corporate agreements with TV networks. There will be rumors of an Apple Car but they will only expand their in car OS and iPhone integration with a partnership with a manufacturer.
  • Spotify Goes Live I am a huge Spotify fan. With other streaming services shutting their doors and new one coming online the competition will get fierce for subscribers. The bitter battle between the corrupt and greedy recording industry will heat up. Eventually Spotify will give in and not offer some artists on their Free Streaming service, something I agree with as a paid subscriber I get flexibility but the same content as free, premium should get premium services. In order to compete with other streaming services Spotify will go after Sirius/XM and begin to offer live content. This is the only natural, innovative direction I can see Spotify taking if they want to stay a leader. I would love it, I really would. Another route is offering podcasts, but I think Spotify goes live.
  • Facebook Buys GoPro – Zuckerberg likes his video. Facebook wants you to consume everything through it. GoPro acquisition would fit nicely with their push to VR 360 video, especially with a new 360 GoPro?
  • Google Kills The Password – Google has tried for years to push away from the old style username/password authentication. They are already beginning to test with it but in major sectors of Google they will require password-less authentication beginning late 2016. It will be a modified two-factor authentication using a mobile device as the authenticator. The time has come to rid the Internet of the weakest security link, the password, and Google will lead the way.
  • Internet of Things Has A Breach – Regular users, for the most part, have been isolated from their home networks getting breached. (That they know of) In 2016 this will change. An IoT device, a fridge, washer, or other appliance that is Internet accessible will be breached and not easily patched. This needs to happen. IoT security is an afterthought at best and companies have been pushing the feature functions of IoT while ignoring security around such functionality because regular users are not smart enough about security to demand it…. until a breach happens in their living room and it is realized.

There you go, my 10 predictions for the up coming year. 12 months from now we will see how I did.

End of line.

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