September 19, 2021

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Game of Thrones 1995 Style

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CBk1-jlVIAEiXT1The best show on TV right now if HBO’s Game of Thrones (IMO). The drama that has pulled the world into the magical fantasy land of Westeros to give us stories filled with horrific violence, incest love, nudity, and so many plot lines going at once you’d think the entire country was on Ritalin.

The talents of the Internet have taken the Game of Thrones intro and re-imagined it as if it was airing in 1995. Videos like this show how much pure, raw talent exist out there. Those that lived through the 90s can relate to this 100%, we still probably have VHS tapes that look like this. From the campy theme music to the yellow 90s font pure gold but what makes this video so perfect is the VCR tracking static and V-hold issues. Brilliant.

End of line.

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