ZU9gWQ4j_400x400As a security professional I have spent my fair share on airplanes. As the industry deteriorates passengers become less and less polite, considerate and no longer care about those around them. Screaming children and their parents are at the bottom of the list of airplane scenarios that can make several hours seem like days. You want to either slip the child a Valium or have a chat with the parent about their lack of consideration for those around them. Control your kids.

Here’s a video of a frequent flier and the screaming child scenario. Off camera another frequent flier apparently had enough of these situation and reacted.

I am not sure what’s funnier – What the passenger did to the child and parent or the grown man giggling like a kid from it.

Either way I can relate to this video, that’s probably why I find it so darn funny.



End of line.

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