May 28, 2024

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Binary Blogger Gets A Fresh IRS Scam Recorded

3 min read

irs-phone-scam-prevent-fraudI received another IRS scam call and mess with them for 40 minutes. Do not try this at home. I am a professional. I know the dark side of fraudsters, identity thieves and I love messing with them. This scam has evolved over the years and they scammers have expanded the official and scary sounding terms and phrases since the last time I got one of theses.

The scam starts like this, you get a computerized message call saying the IRS has an arrest warrant and I need to call a number. No other information like my name in the message. So I think about a story and end goal, write down all the fake info I am going to use so I am consistent, then call them back.

The recordings below are broken up in two parts because the total call was almost 40 minutes. Part 1 is the scammers setup. Part 2 is where I put my goofy plan together and reach the conclusion.

I do these to ‘show’ all of you how these things work. We have all read about these scams, seen the news reports on people getting ripped off by them but most do not know how these sound and work. If you don’t know how these sound you are not properly equipped to identify them and not fall for it. Education, awareness, security knowledge is power. These scams only work through naivety, that’s it.

Part 1 – This first part is the core of the scam. The scammer lays out the foundation to make the victim believe he’s an actual IRS agent even going as far as providing a badge number and encourage you to call if he becomes unprofessional. But he goes on to say if you disconnect he will sign the arrest warrant and send the local Sheriff to your house to arrest you for tax evasion. The victim becomes fearful and is more inclined to do what they say, like send them money to resolve the miscalculations.

Part 2 goes to my side of things. I take more control and act freaked out, create a sob story of my life and get the scammers to try to resolve the issues for lower money. I am transferred to the Senior Official and he negotiates with me until I end the call. He didn’t play into it like I thought he would but it was still fun.

Spread this post around to your friends and family, especially those that are older. This is childish and stupid to play with these scammers but I do it for the purpose to show people how these work and actually hear them in action. Their true colors are shown at the end of part 2 when I reveal I was messing with them and he threatened identity theft from the information I gave them. That’s the other payoff for them, by the time victims get to the point of being asked for money they may have given out the three items needed to begin identity theft. Name, phone number, birthdate and last 4 of their Social Security Number or worse.

Be smart, question every thing, trust no one.

You can hear my other scam calls I recorded here –

End of line.

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