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Predictions for 2017

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The end of 2016 is near and that means it’s time to roll out my predictions for 2017. The last year was a rollercoaster of news, actions and emotions. While we all hope the coming year will give us a break I do not think it’s going to get any easier.

Here are my tech and security predictions for 2017

Facebook Will Have A Whistleblower Event

Facebook owns more data about an individual than they admit. Although Facebook has front facing ‘privacy’ and ‘security’ settings that you can set on your account those are only for the public facing side. Regardless on how tight you have your account on the back end your data is wide open at Facebook. I think there will be a Snowden level whistleblower event that will break Facebook wide open to how open your data is to the employees and partners of Facebook.

The Internet Will Stay An Open World

Net Neutrality and the attempts to make the Internet a utility will end with the Trump administration. The attempts to throttle or prioritize traffic will disappear and users of the Internet will remain an open world. Through this companies like Netflix, Comcast and others will end their backdoor deals with ISP on traffic favoritism.

Tesla Will Tank

Tesla is the trend setter when it comes to new technology. The driverless car, aware of its surroundings, detecting changes in traffic all leading edge. However, Tesla has not mastered the art of actually building a car. Their biggest challenge is still forthcoming with their Tesla S model. An attempt to get the best technology into the hands of the middle class. Pre-orders for the Tesla S hit about 400,000 on a targeted delivery timeframe sometime in mid-2018. People gambled two years out on a car that wasn’t in production yet. Tesla will miss this mark and the Tesla S will be delayed. This will be the beginning of the end of Tesla.

The Internet Will Go Down…Hard

This year gave us a DDOS attack that brought down most of the East Coast of the United States for a few hours. With the IOT security disasters and DDOS attacks of recent being more trial runs I see that in 2017 something major will happen. I predict a coordinated attack on the vulnerable DNS infrastructure using more collective computing power than any other attack will be launched. This will cause the Internet as a whole to take a dive and remain out of commission for at least a day. If the hackers truly want to cause as much damage as possible this attack will occur on a Monday before 9am EST. Stop the markets.

A Drone vs. Airplane Accident

A drone will strike a commercial airliner and cause it to make an emergency landing. The owner will be tracked down, charged and sent to prison for a very long time. It’s only a matter of time.

Yahoo Will Be Sold For Scrap

Yahoo will go down as a case study on what not to do, in everything. I personally hate Yahoo, always have. Their only good service is Flickr and that’s because they bought them. The rest is cluttered, ad filled crap. Verizon will walk away or buy a piece of Yahoo. Microsoft will buy the search side and others will line up to get the rest pennies on the dollar.

Nintendo Switch Will Flop

I love Nintendo but have been unsatisfied with the WiiU and in some respects the Wii. Nintendo makes great games but always stay away from powerful hardware. I suppose the cartoon, high color, flat style of games doesn’t require leading edge 3D graphics cards. Their new system dubbed the Nintendo Switch is aiming to change the way we play. The problem is the world doesn’t need another mobile thing. Supersizing their 3DS isn’t what people want. I am not excited for the Switch. Nintendo needs to realize that they are great at making games and it’s time to start making games for the XBox and Sony. Just think about a full, 4K Zelda game, real world style like Skyrim running on a PS4. Even a new Mario game in the style of Mario 64 but 1,000 more detailed and large. That’s the Nintendo games I want on systems that deserve them.

Apple Will Buy Twitter

Apple is slipping and needs a boost. They have the right tools to help people share but don’t have a platform. With the deeper integration of news headlines, updates, messaging, etc… It makes sense that Twitter could play a big role in a new Apple. A direction that Apple needs to go before they slip backwards in the post-Jobs world. Their latest series of updates are not getting the fanboys excited anymore.

There you have it, my predictions for 2017.

End of line.

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