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What I Learned This Week – 1/27/16

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The end of the week is here and it’s time for my weekly review on things I learned. News items that stood out as interesting but do nothing but continue to add to my Jeopardy catalog of useless knowledge. Each Friday I pull out a few that I save throughout the week and present them for you.

What I Learned

The People At Kraft Heinz Are Marketing Geniuses

Super Bowl LI ads this year cost companies between $5 and $5.5 million. That’s for 30 seconds. It breaks down to approx. $180,000 per second. That doesn’t include the costs to produce these often wild, wacky and memorable moments in television binge watching. However, Kraft Heinz decided to not have a Super Bowl ad this year. Too expensive? Maybe. Instead they did the witty and brilliant alternative instead. They created a wild, wacky and memorable ad and put it out on YouTube. This ad was to get people to sign a petition to create the Monday following the Super Bowl a National Holiday and give the American workers the day off. In addition Heinz said that every American Heinz worker is getting the day off.

Advertisements is about coverage and instead of paying $5 million for a 30 second spot they created a viral sensation. I saw this move on the local news, the video is everywhere, everyone is talking about Heinz giving the workers a day off. Aside from the day off, Heinz spent far less to create this than one ad costs. They win.

Sign the Smunday Petition here
Source: https://www.yahoo.com/tech/kraft-heinz-giving-42-000-employees-day-off-020148842.html

Donald Trump And Crew Didn’t Learn Security Tips From The DNC Hack

When you are President Of The United States (POTUS) and actively use Twitter and other social network available to anyone in the world, you are going to get probed. Hackers have poked around the new @POTUS Twitter account and discovered something disturbing and stupid. Apparently the Twitter account is only protected with a Gmail recover email address. Hackers know that you don’t try to crack Twitter, you go after the email address associated to Twitter and change the password to the Twitter account. Worst the Twitter account, although somewhat masked, is apparently the email address of Trump’s media advisor. So many security failures in this whole mess. It’s only a matter of time.

Source: https://www.yahoo.com/news/official-potus-twitter-account-only-secured-gmail-181541976.html?ref=gs

Americans Are Losing Trust After Hacking Epidemic

Pew Research Center needed something to research so they asked people if they trust people to keep them safe from fraud and identity theft. Not surprising most said no. Roughly 64% of those surveyed said they experienced fraud, credit card theft and other identity related problems. Only 12 percent said they had a high level of confidence in the government’s ability to protect their data and nine percent said the same of social media sites. Duh.

I have worked in the security space for close to 20 years now and one thing I learned is that your individual security is not a top priority of anyway. There are protections in place on a wide scale, some companies are better than others, but it is far from universal and definitely not a priority. Never trust any website. Don’t assume one website is as secure as another. This is the core reason why you never use the same passwords on multiple sites, change them often and don’t believe anything you read. Only you, the individual, has your security and privacy in best interest. Sad but true.

Source: https://www.yahoo.com/news/americans-distrustful-hacking-epidemic-survey-074549444.html

End of line.

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