June 13, 2024

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Binary Blogger Review: Fotojet.com

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Fotojet.com is one of those websites that are so simple and easy I felt I needed to share it. I was introduced to Fotojet.com through my channels and after I checked it out I immediately added this to my collection of keepers. This is a free online graphic design, collage creation, photo editing website. It may sound complicated but Fotojet.com is so easy to use with a wide variety of templates, access to internet resources and the ability to upload your own photos.

The options are straight forward and simple. To make things even easier there are social network specific formats ready to go. This way you do not have to spend time to figure out the resolution to get the banners to fit. Through my time working in Fotojet.com I created new banners for my Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Channel, go check them out. Each banner I used the provided templates, fonts and styles.

Beyond the graphic design options you can also edit and create photo collages, photo cards, flyers, posters, even magazine covers. Each one of them are very professional looking and wide open to edit them however you want. You do not need to be a graphic artist or have any knowledge of editing tools. If you can click and drag you can use Fotojet.com.

The editing is very easy. You choose your background and add text, clipart, shapes and move them around wherever you need. The offered templates give you a great starting point and ideas for your project. The editor snaps the objects in place which makes for centering and aligning simple and accurate. When you are completed you can save the image right to your computer for use anywhere you need.

The only addition I would recommend to add is a layer manager/selector. When you have several objects on the project at once and one on top of another you had to move things around to select others. That was a small annoyance and if you build from the background forward it’s manageable. Other than that I found no real flaws, it just works and it’s easy.

Fotojet.com is free and with that you can create everything with a basic set of offerings. There is a paid premium account for $35/yr. ($2.91/mo.) that grants you access to no ads, an extended gallery of templates, fonts and clipart along with a few other support improvements. If you you would like to refresh and update your social network banners, create a newsletter cover or other small projects Fotojet.com is where you should do it. The annual cost for a premium is very affordable for extended offerings for more creative projects and ideas.

I would recommend checking out Fotojet.com.

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