July 23, 2024

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New Scam Alert – Don’t Say “YES” On The Phone

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Another day and another telephone scam has been seen out in the wild. This one is very sneaky and can cause real problems for you by saying one word – “Yes.” The odds of this scam hitting you is very small but you can easily avoid this scam and others by not answering the phone from unknown numbers.

Scammers are making calls and at some point that ask you a question similar to “Can you hear me?”, “Are you there?”, “Are you the homeowner?” or another seemingly benign question that you would reply quickly with a “Yes.” That’s all they need.

How does it work? So what if I say “Yes?”

The scammers are recording you and you voice saying “Yes” is then used to sign up for services, get refunds, access banking information with other personal info they have gathered. As company’s phones systems are getting more sophisticated to recognizing you, the scammers try to get your voice.

The attacks right now are targeting mostly small businesses but individuals are reporting the “Can You Hear Me?” calls more often.

How can you avoid this?

  • Simple don’t answer the phone for unrecognized numbers. If you use a landline call your phone company and report the number and have it blocked from your line if they have that capability.
  • Be aware of the message on the other end. Phone marketing is dead. Just hang up if you get any kind of recording.
  • Don’t say yes or provide any other agreeable phrases to play into questions.
  • Visit the BBB Scam Tracker to see if the number or name shows up.
  • Get your number on the Do Not Call List, it’s not as effective as some make you believe but it’s something.
  • Be aware, stop and ask questions. Hang up and call your financial institution directly for any problems a caller may claim but call the number you have not what they caller gives you.

End of line.

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