October 22, 2021

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Security In Five Podcast Weekly Roundup – 9/1/17

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The month of August ends and September arrives. School is back in session, fall is around the corner and that means winter is coming. This week the security world had more celebrity hacks, the biggest email/password data dump from a spam bot and much more to keep security professional on their toes. This week’s podcast roundup covers the latest nude celebrity hack, I continue the CSC Top 20 series and talk about getting security deeper into the business planning.

If you have any suggestions for topics for this podcast to cover leave comments below or shoot me an email – contactme@binaryblogger.com. If you are a security professional and would like to appear on a future episode let me know. I am tossing the idea around on Friday’s to have a longer security conversation episode with other security professionals. Talk about horror stories, lessons learned, tips, tricks and opinions on security topics.



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