September 27, 2021

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Information Is Beautiful – Visual Look At All The Breaches

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The Internet is full of data points, information, interpretations, sources and it can be overwhelming. From time to time a website approaches a problem with a refreshing view. I stumbled across one website that does just that. It’s called Information Is Beautiful and they take various topics and create stunning visual representations of the data sets. Humans are visual learners, pattern recognition is where we excel. When you take millions of data points and make them into a picture, it’s far easer to understand the story the data tells.

Some of the charts that are on the website are American Novels Everyone Should Read, World’s Biggest Cash Crops, Millions of Lines Of Code and the one that drew me to the website: World’s Biggest Data Breaches and Hacks. There are many, many more to look through that give a unique picture and context around a topic.

The pictures themselves are fluid and interactive, some diving deeper and providing more details on a data point. In the example of the Data Breach picture mousing over each circle will give you details on that specific breach.

To make things easier there are filters you can apply to cut down the noise. I find value in a graph like this for presentations, visual flash and it’s unique.

In the sea of data and millions of websites ones like Information Is Beautiful stands out. Is it a website you will visit everyday? No. It’s one to check in from time to time or signup for a newsletter to get the latest picture. Tuck it away as one of the top ‘cool’ webpages.

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