June 12, 2024

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Minnesota Fall Colors From The Air

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When I decided to invest in a higher end drone earlier this year it was for times like this. Capturing the world around us from a new, rarely seen perspective. It always amazes me when I fly in areas I have been going to for years how different they look from the air. It’s not just from a higher altitude but the angle you look at it with. Whether I am flying watching an approaching severe thunderstorm, a storm with a tornado in it or watching a boat cross a calm lake they all look new and different from a new perspective. The drone provides that.

In Minnesota there are two times of the year that are fantastic. The first is springtime, when everything bursts to life after the long, cold and snowy winters and color returns from the bland whites and grays. The second time period is the sign winter is coming. That’s when the Minnesota trees begin to change their colors as they shed their leaves. If you catch it at the right time you can see an amazing display of nature’s beauty. The window to catch it at the right moment could be a matter of days and I caught it at the right time.  

There’s a park/nature area near my home that I goto at least once a week, generally to run. There are a few miles of unpaved, rough trails that weave through the woods that are used as cross country trails in the winter. In the summer and fall it provides a secluded, quiet nature walk through nature. In the woods you can see some of the colors, the yellow leaves blanketing the ground and crunch under your feet but from the ground you don’t get the full picture. That’s why I love droneography. New perspectives from the same area. The weather was nice was evening and I had the free time so I headed over there to take a walk and brought my equipment to see what things looked like. I am glad I did.

Here are some aerial photos showing off Minnesota’s stupendous fall colors.

Pano Colors
Pano Of The Area

Drone Fall Colors Full by Binary Blogger on 500px.com

Drone Fall Colors Wide by Binary Blogger on 500px.com

Drone Fall Colors Yellow by Binary Blogger on 500px.com

Drone Fall Colors Creek by Binary Blogger on 500px.com

Being that drones are a fairly new technology I like to think I am the first to view this area from this viewpoint. Sure, planes fly over head all the time but they are much higher, faster and cannot see the details that I did with the drone. Thinking of it that way it’s really a new world to explore and to share.

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