May 29, 2024

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Binary Blogger Security & IT Predictions For 2018

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It’s that time of year again to flex my brain and look toward the future. Every year I do predictions for the upcoming year, you can see past predictions and how I did here – My 2017 predictions weren’t the best and I didn’t get many accurate, this time I will be more inline with practical predictions than wild ones.

With everything going in the world from security issues to global politics there are plenty of ideas and thoughts of what’s to come. My predictions are sticking closer to industry trends and events rather than singular actions by a company or person like I have done in the past.

Here we go, Binary Blogger predictions for 2018 –

  • New Breach Record Will Be Set – Using Equifax as the foundation for the worst breach thus far I predict 2018 will disclose one that will be bigger. 143 million records from Equifax are out in the open and they were breached by the stupidest of security reasons. I think there will be bigger one and this time the executives are going to face potential criminal charges.
  • A Prominent Company Will Be Hit With GDPR Penalty – The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was passed in April 2016 and companies that fall under this provision must show compliance by May 25, 2018. This is a monumental task and many companies won’t hit that date. I predict a prominent, public company will be used as an example and hit with a big GDPR fine. It may not be the full $20 million or 4% of revenue but it will be enough to sting and motive the industry to move faster to compliance.
  • A Public Utility Will Be Hit With Ransomware, Outages For Days (DR focus) – The US infrastructure is under assault. I predict a public utility will get hit with a ransomware type infection that will shut down operations for days. Whether it’s water, sewer, electric, or whatever, a large area will feel the impact of this.
  • Taking A Selfie Will Become An Authentication Method – facial recognition, gps data from phone – The introduction of the iPhone X ushered in facial recognition. Many see this is as a cute fad to make animated animojis but I see it as a powerful movement to true biometric security. I predict that a major platform, probably Facebook, will start top play around with ‘Selfies’ as an authentication method. Facial recognition, speaking a phrase, facial movements all can now be used as a new and advanced authentication method.
  • A Major ISP Will Offer The First Post-Net-Neutrality Package – Get ready, here it comes. We look to Spain and how they are starting to break down the Internet services like cable TV packages. We’ll start to see that here, probably around speed of the pipe first.

  • A Home Assistant Device Will Be Compromised, Listen To Everything, The Only Fix Is To Throw It Away – IoT security flaws will strike us in all our homes. The rise of the home assistance will also be its downfall. One will get compromised, be able to listen to everything and there will be no fix.
  • A Cloud Provider Will Take A Big Hit, Major Outage, Raise Questions Of Cloud Security Confidence – Cloud providers are popping up all over and for any reason you need. One of the leaders will be the direct cause of a breach to a subscriber. I am not talking about misconfiguration but a vulnerability in the infrastructure will be exploited.

There you have it my predictions for 2018.

End of line.

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