July 23, 2024

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GoPro Time Lapse Of An Approaching Storm – How To Guide

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I have a love for thunderstorms and capturing a time-lapse with a GoPro is a fun hobby. The size and power of this natural phenomenon are fascinating. When summer rolls around I have my cameras, drones, video cameras on standby to try to capture unique views of these monsters. Recently there was a severe weather outbreak in my area so naturally, I was keeping an eye on the radars to see if I was going to get lucky.

As one thunderstorm cell popped up southwest of my location and grew as it approached. I set up my GoPro Hero 5 to create a time-lapse of it rolling in.

Here’s what I did –

  • Put my GoPro Hero 5 Black on a tripod pointing it toward the direction I’d think the best view would be. I started recording about 20 minutes ahead of the storm’s arrival.
  • I used the GoPro Time Lapse Video mode to capture it. This mode takes the time-lapse photos but creates the video for you.
    • I find this mode is slightly better for shorter time lapses than the single photo every X seconds. The post-processing is significantly easier as stitching thousands of photos is very processor intensive on the Hi-Res photos to get a 4K quality video, especially for older computers (like mine).
    • Video – 4K
    • Interval – 1 second
    • Field of View – Wide
  • I hit record and let it run.
  • Post processing I used Final Cut Pro and the music is from YouTube’s Audio Libray.  I gently tweaked the exposure and the saturation a little but not much else.

The video was great but the storm was more than it could handle. Since the storm came in almost as a straight shot to the camera, the 50mph wind gusts were too much for my light tripod and blew the camera over. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the back-end of the storm moving out but it’s still a good video.

End of Line.

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