May 29, 2024

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A Comprehensive Cloud Comparison – Azure vs. AWS vs. Google Cloud

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Organization is key if you are going to succeed in any sliver of an IT profession. The sheer amount of services, options, offerings, products, frameworks, solutions, regulations, laws, policies, procedures, guidelines, standards… can get overwhelming. I have an extensive archival and aggregation process in place for my own personal education and reference, no one can remember everything with any amount of accuracy. Knowing how to find the answers is a skill you should be nurturing everyday.

As I started working with enterprise level projects either migrating into or being built directly in a ‘cloud’ service I began to collect notes on each offering I worked on. That list slowly grew and expanded, the vendors expanded and added more options, projects became more dynamic and used more and more and hence my lists grew. Through my research I would find smaller documents from the vendors or other sites that would lay out comparisons between two cloud options. An example would be when I worked on a chatbot in Amazon Web Services (AWS) we used Lex and Polly for the phone/voice side of the bot, what would I use if I had a client choose Azure? The information was limited to help with that cross comparison, so I started to build my own and ended up with the chart below.

I am certain I have missed some services and/or the services categorized may not be aligned specifically to the core function of the service. Regardless of my editing choices, it’s close and lays out a comprehensive picture of how each of the three cloud players’ services compare out to each other.

One other aspect of this chart that I found amazing as I researched these is the amount of services that are out there. The next time you get into a discussion with your IT department on a new platform you wish to build, throw them this chart and tell them to support that internally and see how pale they get.

Here is the comparison chart, each service links directly to the official, vendor web pages for the service. No 3rd party links unless it’s a direct partnership for that service from the cloud provider, Google has a few of those.

Hope you find this as useful as I do.


Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Google Cloud (GCS)
Compute Services
Container Support
Management, Monitoring & Analytics
Government Services
Desktop Services
Hybrid Cloud Storage
Storage Services
Content Delivery
Data Orchestration
Load Balancing
Security, Identity & Access Management
Multi-Factor Authentication
API Management
Email Service
Media Services
Other Services & Integrations
Virtual Assistant
Speech Recognition Services
Visual Recognition
Internet Of Things (IoT)
Mobile Services
Game Development
Development Tools

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