June 13, 2024

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Review Of My 2018 Security Predictions

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It’s that time of year. The time where I look back to my predictions for the year and review them for accuracy. Unlike many others that make predictions, I go back and see how accurate I was… and call out how wrong I was.

The review is simple, red titles are WRONG, green I determine are CORRECT.

Here are my predictions I made last year for 2018:

The original post with the predictions and details behind them is here.

  • New Breach Record Will Be Set – This one is correct because a few short month’s ago it was announced that Marriott suffered a breach that exposed 500 million records. Congrats.
  • A Prominent Company Will Be Hit With GDPR Penalty – I will call this one a FAIL. There have been penalties but not at the scale I predicted.
  • A Public Utility Will Be Hit With Ransomware, Outages For Days (DR focus) – This didn’t happen.
  • Taking A Selfie Will Become An Authentication Method – facial recognition, gps data from phone –  Although there are movements toward a password-free world but this one didn’t take hold… yet. FAIL.
  • A Major ISP Will Offer The First Post-Net-Neutrality Package – FAIL. With the legislation in limbo and companies waiting to see who will jump first this didn’t take hold. However, the streaming services breaking up and creating their own business models the market is adjusting. The other aspect this this way of thinking is technology is advancing speeds to the point that throttling to the point of being noticable will be moot. Meaning, average ‘slower’ speeds will be faster than today’s fast speeds now.
  • A Home Assistant Device Will Be Compromised, Listen To Everything, The Only Fix Is To Throw It Away – I am going to call this one green even though the extreme side wasn’t fully realized. The reason is that there have been enough fails and technical slip ups by IoT device vendors that shows us they are recording and have more access than they let the public be aware of. My point of view is if you bring these devices into your home, you are allowing anyone to listen to everything.
  • A Cloud Provider Will Take A Big Hit, Major Outage, Raise Questions Of Cloud Security Confidence – I am going to call this one green because I deal with this apprehension for these reasos all the time in the day job. Security confidence in cloud services, which are just other companies computers, needs to be there to make amove like that. In reality the cloud security is far stronger than anything you can put together with the same budget. When you look at the cloud security incendents, leaks, exposed services they all were result of the cloud user’s mis-configuration and security failures not a fault of the cloud service.

There are my 2018 security predictions

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