May 25, 2024

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Binary Blogger Tech Predictions For 2019

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It’s that time of year again. The last day of 2018 and time to release my security and technology predictions I think will happen in 2019. The past several years I have done this with varying levels of accuracy but it’s still fun to do. This prediction list will sit untouched for 364 days until I break it out a year from now and see how I did.

My predictions for 2019:

  • Mark Zuckerberg will step down as Facebook CEO. Although he will no longer be in the captain’s chair he won’t leave the board. His move will be the result of more insider leaks to how Facebook really treats user data.
  • The largest Distributed Denial Of Service Attack on the Internet Backbone will be unleashed. There have been massive DDoS attack in recent memory but I feel those were trial runs against non-critical targets, like bloggers and media sites. The next one will be going after the DNS infrastrcuture for the Internet and it will cause significant issues. The cause – poor IoT security that has been exploited on a scale we have yet to see.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Will Be Enbaled By Default By Major Financial Services. There will be another big breach where usernames and passwords were leaked and used in a new progressive attack and benefit campaign. As a results multi-factor will start to no longer be an option but mandatory. The end of the username/password alone for authentication starts to come to an end.
  • It will come out that Microsoft is replacing Edge because of an undisclosed, severe vulnerability that cannot be fixed. Microsoft announcing that they are replacing Edge with a ground up Chromium based browser is odd. Especially Edge was supposed to be a ground-up replacement for IE. Something doesn’t smell right.
  • Microsoft will release a free Windows version. To compete with Chrome OS, there will be a free Windows version as Microsoft fully embraces they are a software company.
  • AWS and Azure will see a significant adoption slowdown and major exodus of big clients for private clouds. The cloud revolution taught the world how to do things faster, easier and more efficiently but not necessarily cheaper. The cloud service savings story is hard to come by and companies will want the DevSecOps lifestyle without the AWS and Azure nickel and dime prices.
  • My Security In Five podcast will hit 20,000 downloads a month. Fingers crossed and the hard work to grow it pays off.

End of line.

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