September 16, 2021

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Website Overhaul

1 min read

Don’t worry! This is the same site you know and love. It’s been so many years since a cosmetic overhaul and I decided it’s time.

I switched hosting providers from BlueHost to SiteGround for two reasons. The first, performance. BlueHost load times were unacceptable for what I was paying. Second, for a great value I can get faster hosting, better tools AND UNLIMITED websites for $20/mo. after my 3 year initial contract of $6/mo. is up. Not bad.

So What?

So, is not going to be focused on the author, creator and personality behind SecurityInFive. This site will be the reviews, the how-to posts, the opinions, etc…

Security In Five podcast and brand is broken off to They are now separate.

This will help each site focus on their respective areas without throwing them all into a blender for readers to filter out.

Be patient, in a week or so I’ll get the sites under control.

End of Line.

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