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How To Set Default Fallback Images On WordPress Posts

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Running a WordPress blog can make your blogging easier and drive you insane all at the same time. The freedom of customization is wonderful but you begin to expect a certain level of performance and features the more you work in it. One of those little nuances is how posts are created. Most manually write them within WordPress, such as this one, but there are many other ways to create posts through external connections. Sometimes those outside services don’t get the entire post quite right. In my case it was clear when I switched WordPress themes to a more visual one and realized all my podcast posts didn’t have an image in the post. Therefore the visual aspect of my new theme would look terrible.

I couldn’t get my podcast hosting site to get am image inserted with HTML code and I liked my new theme I wasn’t going to abandon that. So I researched and found a solution.

There is a WordPress plugin called Default Feature Image that does exactly what I was looking for.

The plugin will set an image in a new post when one is not present. It’s more of a ‘fallback’ than a default because this plugin will not overwrite an image you added.

Default featured image

You install the plugin, use the link above or search in your WordPress plugin page, install it and then activate it. After that you go into Settings > Media and toward the bottom you will see Default featured image option.

You simply select the image you want to be your default from your Media and that’s it.

The next time when you have an auto-post or write a post and forget to add an image yourself, this will keep you covered and your themes looking consistent.

Note – Any post you see on with an icon of the figure reading the newspaper is from this plug-in.

End of line.

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