June 22, 2024

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Security In Five Podcast Episode Posts Moved

1 min read

SecurityInFive.com is now live and where I want it to be. Binaryblogger.com is moving to where I want it to go. Through those efforts all of the Security In Five podcast episode blog posts are not solely on SecurityInFive.com and removed from here.

This was done to loosen BinaryBlogger.com to be more open and loose with the topics on the blog. Security In Five’s blog site will be purely security and podcast focused.

This way when I want to write a review on a sprinkler system or a random how to on a household project it won’t get in the way with the security centric readers.

The step I need to address are the category clean up. I have too many and not enough posts to support them. They will be simplified and retooled to be less detailed. Tagging is where the details will be but the categories will be trimmed.

As of this post all new blog posted Security In Five podcast episodes will be exclusively on SecurityInFive.com and no longer here.

End of line.

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