May 29, 2024

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Thunderstorm Time Lapse With GoPro

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It’s the middle of summer and one of my favorite natural events roll through the upper Midwest on a regular basis, thunderstorms. They fascinate me with their power and beauty. I try to capture them when I can and although I can’t get out and chase them, when they pass over where I am at I make sure to have a camera ready.

Lately I have been using my GoPro setup to capture time lapse footage as the storms rumble through.

My setup:

The Re-Fuel battery pack is by far one of the best accessories I have for the GoPro. In fact, I have it on my GoPro all the time I rarely take it off. The battery power on a time lapse will last all night, well over 8 hours and fully waterproof. I’ll be bringing on a fishing trip and doing a time lapse underwater to see how really waterproof it is.

The lapse setting on the GoPro is using the time lapse video mode with 4k quality and 2 or 5 second intervals. Post in Adobe Premiere Pro.

The first video is of a severe thunderstorm that rolled through in two waves. At the end of the day it was not as strong as they said it was going to be but I still got great shots of the swirling clouds and rain burst.

This video was a spur of the moment, we looked out side and saw the lighting fireworks off in the distant. I grabbed the GoPro, put it on the fence and set it up not knowing what I would get. The fact that this happened right at sunset gives the video a little polish.

The last video was a Night Time Lapse mode right after the video above. The clouds cleared out and I thought I’d let it run over night. I didn’t know at the time another thunderstorm was coming and I happened to catch that as it passed south.

The settings for this one is the Night Time Lapse mode with a 30 second exposure. The difference between the video mode and night mode is in night mode it doesn’t make a video for you. It records hundreds or thousands of individual photographs that you have to then produce into a movie.

I used Lightroom to mass edit the photos and then imported the photos as a sequence into Premiere Pro for the video portion.

As long as there is weather I will enjoy capturing them in some manner. I have more photographs than video but trying to change that.

End of line.

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