June 12, 2024

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Spotify Releases Family Mix – It’s Very Interesting

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Spotify is a daily routine for me and in fact, I have it on right now as I write this. Huge fan. The primary aspect of Spotify that keeps me here is there custom playlists that they generate based on my overall listening habits. Each day I get new lists through the Daily Mix lists, every Monday I get the Discover Weekly and Friday’s listen to the Release Radar which is onylnew music from artists or similar artists that I listen to. This week they released a new dynamic list that’s very interesting, the Family Mix.

If you are like me and have the Spotify Premium plan this list will be generated for you. The unique part of it is that it generates a music list based on your listening habits of your whole family on the account, including yours.

The whole point of having separate accounts is so we can keep our unique tastes to ourselves. Family Mix throws all of them in a blender and creates a list of them all. It’s actually very fun.

This isn’t an instant playlist, your Family Members have to join the Mix in order for it to work.



There are 3 ways to find Family Mix:

  • On desktop and mobile apps in Home , under Made For You.
  • In Search.
  • If you have a voice controlled speaker, you can simply ask to play Family Mix!Then you just have to tap the three dots on Android or iPhone, and select Join Family Mix.

Note: Family Mix needs to get to know you first. If you’re new to Spotify, it might take around 2 weeks of listening before it fills with songs based on your music taste.

You can manage who’s music is added into thge mix by hitting the three dots on your mobile and selecting Manage Users if you want to remove someone.

On the mobile app, I don’t see this on the Desktop app, you can also select between Chill, Regular or Upbeat mode for what types of songs you want to play.

As long as Spotify continues to add dynamic variety to my listening routine I will stick with them.

End of line.

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